How to implement an enocean window handle?


I use OH2 with an USB300 Enocean dongle.
The Enocean Binding works quite well with two Eltako Enocean switches.
But I don’t get any connection with the window handle from Hoppe. Also there is nothing listed in the OH2 log.
With the Dolphin Viewer and the USB300 dongle I recieve signals from all modules (window handle, switches, CO2 Sensor, Temp. Sensor). Of course, there are different protocolls between each modul. Thats why you need the EEP list.
The Eltako switches send two signals (first when pressed, second when released) and the window handle has 4 stages with one signal each step.

In the Items I tried it with: Contact, Switch, String, Number …
For example:

String	window_s	"Fenstergriff"			{ enocean="{id=00:00:00:00, eep=F6:10:00,parameter=CONTACT_STATE}"}

Is anybody out there who has an idea how to “handle” this? :wink:


I do have the same Hoppe window handle. I didn’t make it work either. I think the problem is the EnOcean binding itself as it is not yet ready for OH2. Its version is 1.9. I am not really sure what the current state for coding an OH2 binding version is. For me, this is a bit frustrating as well as I highly appreciate the EnOcean technology in general. However, it doesn’t seem to be as widespread among the OH2 community as I thought it would be. What a pitty!!