How to insert a map in a grid in mainUI

I would like to make a page in the mainUI which shows on the right side a regular widget and on the left side a map.

something like this:

image image

With the oh-grid-row and oh-grid-container I can make the car widget fine. However, I can’t seem to find a way to proper display the map with marker.

I can make a separate page with map with the code below, but somehow that does not seem to work as a component in a grid.

Any guidance on how to add a oh map in a grid. (e.g. similar to basicUI Mapview component)

component: oh-map-page
  initialZoom: "15"
  label: Parking Location
  - component: oh-map-marker
      item: Mycar_location_ParkingPosition
      label: My Parking Spot
      default: []
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Don’t think it’s possible right now, that would need a map widget (not a page) which is not implemented currently.

What I do, is inserting a webframe, and link this towards a map page.

component: oh-webframe-card
  src: /page/page_964eb129a2

This gives me:

Not ideal, but it works. :wink:

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