How to install 2.5 now 11-2021, openhab3 is too hard

Openhab 3 is really really to hard, i really cant do anything, i just have one switch and i cant make it work :frowning:

Is there any way to install openhab 2.5 on docker right now? cuz when i try stay stuck in the installing process after picking the advance mode

Switch OnPC "onpc" (Status, Network)  [ "Switchable" ] { wol="" }
Switch OffPC "offpc" (Status, Network)[ "Switchable" ] { http=">[OFF:GET:]" }

If you used the code shown in your link then yes, that never would have worked. For wake on LAN in openHAB 3 you need the network binding, and follow the example at the bottom of the documentation page.

thanks for the answer is really hard to me since im really noob on this, and maybe no videos about it, you know any example for the second part of the code, the turn off part


have a look into this thread: Put your Windows PC to Sleep or execute anything else with OpenHAB . It contains OH2 and OH3 example code resp. hints which software to use.