How to install modbus 2.3 binding?

Hi All,

I am running openhab2.3.o installed via repo on ubuntu 16.04

I was using modbus binding v1.12.0 and all was fine.

I thought I would move to the new modbus 2.3 binding, but having uninstalled the modbus v1.12 binding, I cannot see any other version to install? Where do I get the v2.3?

I have also apt install openhab2-addons from the repo, but the new version does not show up in the paper UI to install.

Your help appreciated.



I manually downloaded the stable addons .kar file, and unzipped it on my PC.

I see that the modbus addon included there is only v 1.12

Do Assume that the new addon is not available yet?

Here’s modbus snapshot 2.4 if you wanna try using it.$org.openhab.binding.modbus/

EDIT: As the above link is now broken here is another link for the modbus snapshot 2.4 for those needing it. New link

There is no 2.3 modbus binding. It was merged just lately so it’s only available from 2.4 onwards.

Download the 2.4 binding as @H102 suggests and put it in your addons folder.

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OK Thanks.