How to install Openhabian without Etcher or Repository

Please help me, i am so desperate please.

So first my friends and I found in one of the installation guides some help where we only had to install some zip on our rasperry and then unzipped it, executed and then openhabian worked perfectly. Now, one week later we executed (we are at my house now, so rasperry has diffrent ip adress, wifi etc.) and we tried to reach the dashboard with the ip given and shown at the command ifconfig. with all other IP adresse ever found on this installation guides, tutorials wiki etc.

Please help, how can we install Openhab (and show the dashboard) without etcher, without repository, just with the zip we had. It already worked last week, we were able to create a habPANEl.

Thanks to humanity for everyone helping us. I am so desperate :c

Ahh, found it, it wasnt in any of your installation guides but rather in the download section:
at Manual installation:
this is so much easier than the etcher and sd and anything lol
this should be the main way to install openhab