HOW TO: Installl Bindings in OH2?

So I just installed openhabian on my rpi2, I ve been using OH1.8 up until now (because of frustraions migrating over) and I thought I’d give it another try.

Anyhow, in the past I would just copy the bindings jar file i wish to use into the addons folder, no problem. however now it appears I can’t evan get them, I went to download the addons and all I get is a KAR file WTF? shouldn’t it be a zip or rar file? I can’t do anything with this, and there seems to be no documentation on what to do with it, or how to go about installing any bindings.

I tried to use the paper UI, but nothing ever installs. anyone know how to manually install a specific binding on OH2?

Have you looked at the Migration Tutorial or any of the docs?

Both have copious documentation for how to install bindings.

Since you are migrating I highly recommend the migration tutorial.

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So Sorry, I’ve looked back at the documentation and I’m still missing it. I’m avoiding the migration tutorials as it was a few years ago when I set it up and I can’t really remember how everything was put together and everything is new now anyway so, I’m settting up OH completely fresh with Openhabian, perhaps a link would be a bit more helpful?

What do you need a Link for, since you avoid reading it anyhow?
Since you installed already, open PaperUI and click on all menu items, somewhere on a subpage all the bindings are listed with a clickable button beside it, if it reads INSTALL, just click on it.

NVM, I feel stupid. got it sorted