How to integrate my app with openHAB?

I want to control devices through openHAB from my own app. Where do I start? I am new to the platform and community but one of the openHAB users recommended me this platform, so I thought I will give it a try. :slight_smile:

Should I choose v2 or v1 or both?


Go for v2 and interface through the REST API.

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Hey @BinaryBanana
why do you want to develop your own app? Will it be a commercial product or aren’t you satisfied with the official app?

Why not fork the current app and then contribute your changes back?

Thanks OMR!

@mueller-ma, @Thedannymullen It’s just a completely different approach to the UI and the way you control your home. It’s free and no in app-purchases so far.

To speed up the integration, I could then take a look at the official app source code, right? So many things are new here that I don’t even know where to look :slight_smile:

You can use code from the official app as long as you obey the license.
The most interesting part in the app is the connection handling: You can call getUsableConnection() from (nearly) everywhere in the app and get a http client with url, username and pw set.
I want to encourage you to fork the official app, so you can contribute it back.