How to integrate zigbee USB stick cc2538?

hello everyone. I want to use different zigbee devices. How to integrate the zigbee usb stick cc2835 into openhub 3 via the zigbetomqtt to choose a stick to make it work. are there any firmware versions for the stick? which firmware is better to use? Who has already been able to integrate the ss2835 into openhab 3.

All your questions are related to zigbee2mqtt, not openHAB. I suggest you start here assuming your specific controller is actually this one.

Once you have flashed your controller and installed zigbee2mqtt on your ‘server’, and setup and connected your MQTT broker, then come back and start configuring openHAB.

Probably worth double checking exactly what controller you have.

I will remove the zigbee tag because this is not for the zigbee binding. That is an alternative for OH though.

how do I install zigbeetomqtt on my server for usb stick cc2538?

Please follow the guides here..
It is all very well documented.