How to let other users through into my system?

Hi there

I see two options

  1. Add users to my account The users that I can add in my account in what extra privileges would they have? tells them on login, that they need to register.

  2. Let the users register a new account and give them the uuid and secret. says “openHAB Offline” when such a user wants to access the sitemap

so neither (1.) nor (2.) works for me

You can create more users for your openHAB account on your my.openhab account and you can make them either Regular Users or Master. The only difference I see between the two types of users is the Master user can add or remove users. You actually create their login (hover over your username at the top right and click on Users). You can add their email and set their password there and once created they will not need to register to log in. At least it worked for me just now.

Thx for that

Greetings Olaf