How to link Jenkins build number with github commits?


How can I know which commits are in a nightly snapshot ?
For instance build 2.2.0 #1005 is linked with revision 3546b400f577f0701e13602ed2b590ce36e01975 which is coming from this commit
But this one is in the openhab-distro repository while the commits I’m interested in are in the repository openhab2-addons. I looked at the logs, I can see that the build is downloading files of this version 2.2.0-20170807.143723-20.jar

So I found out that it corresponds to build #112 of openHAB2-Bundles

But now I’m don’t know what to do with this build number #112 to link it to github.

Note: I’m a newbie in the git/maven/jenkins… world, sorry if this is a dummy question.


If the PR the commit is for has been merged I think that means it is part of the nightly builds. I’m not a maintainer so could be wrong though.

The build numbers are just a serial one up number and not really directly linked to github.

Hum, it’s weird, last build number 1006 is still using the openhab bundle build done the 7th of August while the addons2 repository add one commit the 8th (yesterday).
Maybe this is linked to “Travis CI build failing” (I don’t know what that is).

I believe that as long as anything is failing to build it means that nothing from that repo makes it into the distro build. I could be wrong about that but it would explain why the distro isn’t using a more recent build. It’s because there isn’t one.