How to make dashboard responsive


I read somewhere that HABpanel had a way to make it reponsive to allow resizing on smaller screens, but I cannot make it do it. Can someone tell me how?

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Look here:

I read somewhere that you implimented an option for responsiveness as experimental, where do i find that option, or did you do away with it?

Ah yes, you’re right, sorry, you meant this:

It’s available in snapshot from less than a month ago including the referenced commit. :slight_smile:

Sorry to ask the dumb question, but where is the downloadable jar for this particular one?


Uninstall the distro’s version with Paper UI first (you won’t lose your setup).

Weird. I installed 120 last night, but didnt ever see any mobile options.

Well they’re here, in the dashboard settings dialog “Advanced” tab:

Ok, ill take a look and let you know. Thanks. Also, there was word of a dedicated repo for widgets and templates to share for future. Is this still in the works?

Found it, thanks. What is a good breakpoint between a tablet and a phone? Also, know its not your thread or your code, but can you answer the question about contraints on the following thread, reply #186?

Bootstrap’s docs have an handy table with their breakpoint choices:

Ok, so the percentage works very well, thank you. Now for another question? Can I use a camera feed as a background in a template widget? Currently its a static image.

Hi @ysc where do i find this menu? Currently i have version 2.2.0-SNAPSHOT Build #989 installed. Is it already implemented for this version or do i need to upgrade?

No idea.

Must be built after 19 July, I don’t know how it translates in build numbers (cloudbees displays only the last two).

I’ve just installed the 2.4 snapshot version, but cannot see the settings dialogue that’s in your image. how do I et to it?

It should be there.

That page, which I have studied carefully, never mentions the settings dialogue shown in this post:
What I need is the ‘Allow mobile mode’, which I cannot find anywhere.

Configure the tiles and the dashboards themselves with the gears icons in the top-right corner of each tile;

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Thanks Yannick, perfect! … that’s the one place that I didn’t look!

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Hey folks,

can you tell me what I do wrong if the things do not get stacked regardless of this option being activated or deactivated? Some of the gauges go smaller and some of them just stay as they are and everything is pushed over and into the other box if I change screen size of my browser… :frowning: