How to make switch item state dependent from number item

Is there a way to make a switch item's state dependent from another number item if the number item exceeds a threshold WITHOUT using rules?

Background: Number item relates to internal temperature of various devices. If temperature > 80°C then switch item state should be updated to ON so that my alarm rules are being triggered.

No. Rules are free.

Thanks rossko.
Hmm, I have in mind that Rich keeps saying that items cost nothing.
Personally I think what I want to achieve should be placed at items level not at rules level…

Rules may be free but maybe at cost of performance?
I have in total 30 devices which are currently “spamming” my log files because every unimportant change of temperature is sent to OH.
This means I will have tons of rules being launched which are at 99,999% useless. I think the number of simultaneous rules is 5?

You understand that a rule that is effectively “if x < threshold do nothing” executes in a few milliseconds. It’s likely to consume the same resources as a metadata controlled action that does “if x < threshold do nothing”. Or a profile that does “if x < threshold do nothing”.

That’s a different question than linking Number to Switch Items.
You might find the hysteresis profile useful.

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OMG, of course…
I have totally forgotten hysterese profile…
many thanks, rossko.