How to manage z-wave without loosing devices?


I’ve been running Openhab now for a bit over a year. I’m mainly using z-wave devices with a Aeotec z-stick gen5, and about 60 z-wave devices, and one of the biggest pain-points is that some z-wave devices get lost pretty much every time I upgrade or restart Openhab.

Before the restart three days ago I verified that all my devices were green in habmin to check if the restart was the cause. And indeed, today I have a Qubino in wall dimmer that appear in red with “Node not found in Z-Wave network”, I also lost a radiator thermostat and a Fibaro shutter module. There’s no pattern, it affects different devices every time and I’m quite tired of spending time re-pairing devices, especially the in-wall ones.

What could be the reasons for my z-wave devices to disappear? I can understand that there could be issues and delays with a battery operated device but the mains powered ones shouldn’t have any issues after three days right?


I run into the same problem and thought it is my fault. Now I see, I’m not alone. Similar to this problem I have another problem. Sometimes some channels are no longer reporting.

For example:
Device door/window-sensor:
channels: contact, tamper and battery

I monitor channel battery update to see if device is reporting and I see that it is reporting. But sometimes the contact or the tamper channel do not report if it is triggered by the device. I recognize this only if I do a maintanance walk through the building and trigger every windows and tamper and see what happens. On every walkthrough minimum one of the devices channels do not report any longer (instead of the other channels which are working well). Only way to solv this is to exclude and reinclude the device with a new node number. Reinit does not fix it and delete and add through habmin does not fix it too.

Any idea what this can be?

Nodes should not dissapear when you upgrade to a new binding - upgrading a binding, or restarting the binding is exactly the same, so I have no idea why this would happen when you update to a new version. It’s also worth noting that in general there are very few code changes to the zwave binding, so again, I see no reason for this to happen.

If it is, then please get a debug log so we can see what is happening.

One thing that might be worth looking at is checking that nothing (eg PaperUI!) is sending commands that cause devices to be removed. In HABmin these commands are never sent to the binding unless the user actually clicks on a button, but PaperUI tends to work differently, so if you use PaperUI, you might want to check.

Again though - check your logs - it’s really the only way to see what is happening short of guessing, and that’s not so nice :wink:

Hi chris, thanks for your post. I will do a debug log if I see this the next time.

Just to be sure, this will happen at restart of OH without any change of binding version and on runtime without any changes. And in my case it belongs only to some channels of the device.

But as you mentioned, we need an debug log.

Just to be clear, what do you mean? Does this mean that some channels are no longer listed in the UI etc? That’s quite strange.

Are you using PaperUI, or HABmin? I suspect at least some issues might be related to using PaperUI.

Indeed it doesn’t make sense that the nodes disappear, especially just after a restart without any upgrades. I’ll clean everything up, make sure all is green and grab a debug log during a restart after that to see how it goes.

I use both PaperUI and habmin, PaperUI as the UX there is slightly better for configuration, controlling item states etc, there you can also select/copy names which isn’t easy in habmin, i.e. can’t select “zwave_device…” in using chrome. Habmin I mainly use to link channels and work with the z-wave binding.

Hi chris. I use habmin only to manage z-wave devices.

Here is an example what is happen:
door/window sensor with 3 channels:
door open/close as contact
tamper as switch
battery as number
sometimes temperatur as number

Before I deploy the device to the destination place I check all channels if they are working well. The same is done at the destination place.

Mostly all is working perfect. But sometimes after reboot of OH (because of some group updates only available after reboot) I loose a device totally. This is problem 1 as decribed by johanahlen.

Second problem is a runtime problem. Maybe caused be a earlier reboot but not sure. What happens is that one or more channels are no longer sending state updates to OH.

example: door/window open/close is working, battery is working but tamper does not report any longer. I detect this at my walkthrough by manually force the events (open/close, tamper)

I cannot see a real cause for this. I can fix this only by fully exclude and reinclude with different node number. All other actions do not fix it. But if I see this the next time I do a debug log.

When looking for this, be sure to check the configuration that PaperUI sends. The only way that the binding will remove a device is if the UI sends a remove device configuration. HABmin never does this unless you click on this option. PaperUI will send this every time you update the configuration of a device - if for some reason it sends the wrong state, then the device will potentially be removed by the binding.

After the re-pairing and restart all devices appeared as green after some time, however this time a few extra nodes appear

I’m not able to remove them, I’ve tried marking as failed, remove from controller, delete the thing etc. but they come back as soon as I start z-wave pairing again. My attempts for Node 68 can be seen in the log file here:

Is there a way to remove these devices without having to factory reset my z-wave stick?

I found this, How to delete a dead node from a zwave stick [SOLVED] will attempt using the Zensys tool.