How to map Hue Emulation to Harmony remote buttons

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: iMac
    • OS: MacOS Catalina
    • openHAB version: 3.4.1

Goal: use my Harmony remote to change volume on my Denon AVR with custom increments. By default, the Denon AVR volume increases/decreases by 0.5db with each volume button press. I want to assign the volume buttons on my Harmony Hub remote to change volume by 1db, and the page buttons to change volume by 5db.

Just started using openHAB this week. I have the Hue Emulation binding configured and have successfully paired it with my Harmony Hub. On my Harmony Elite remote under Devices, there is a “Lights” device. Under “Lights” is “Volume” which is linked to the Denon AVR Volume item in OH. On the remote, I can use the slider on the touchscreen to change the volume on my Denon AVR. Great!

But I can’t figure out to assign that volume change functionality to physical buttons on the remote for my activities. I assumed that since the Hue Emulation was added to the Harmony as a device, that I’d be able to add that device to an activity like any other device, which would allow me to assign buttons. But when I re-run activities, the Hue Emulation device isn’t an option to add to the activity. Am I missing something?

Also, I can’t find any information about what commands are available to use in a rule or script to detect when the Hue Emulation is sending a command, and then issue a command to change the volume.

I would appreciate any help as a beginner. Thanks.

Here are some screenshots of my configuration…

Hue Emulation tags:

Tag applied to Denon Volume item: