How to measure duty cycle, transmit it and replicate it on another device

I’ve been looking for a solution for the last week or so
I want to measure the duty cycle of the seat heaters

And then transmit it wirelessly/radio RF to the steering wheel where another device would replicate it and/or perform adjustmens (like increase or decrease duty cycle)

So far I am left with: a hardware 433mhz transmitter/receiver that hopefully will be able to do it hardware. I don’t particularly like it because I have no control over it

Another solution (better?) would be to use a ESP8266 to read the duty cycle (would this work? Duty Cycle Sensor — ESPHome)

then connect to 2nd ESP8266 (tasmota in AP mode?), transmit it there (using KNX?) and the 2nd ESP8266 (or ESP32?) would replicate the PWM, not necessarily with the same frequency, but with similar (or intentionally modified) duty cycle

How does this sound?
What else could I do?

I’ve retagged this as “Hardware - Home Automation” to give you more visibility. The “Solutions” category is for guides/instructions, not for requesting ideas/assistance.

I’m a little unclear on how this relates to openHAB if it’s going to run in your vehicle. Are you thinking that it would connect to your home-based OH server to relay information?

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while at home, the 2nd esp would be connected to openhab and be able to receive commands
while away, it will default to AP, and then the 1st esp would connect to it (2st esp ssid being set as 2nd AP)

wo while at home mqtt/oh will relay the data and do the processing, but I need a solution for when the car is not at home