How to measure the voltage and current?

Hello! Does any solution exist to measure the voltage and current? Ideally I search a harware solution which is able to measure the voltage and current and sends its via wifi.

Yes. Are you talking about some mains supply, car battery, or what?

For a mains supply, something like a sonos or shelly switch is probably simplest.

For North America, at least I think many plugin outlet switches have this capability/

@rossko57 I’m talking about main supply, I found,searchweb201602_4,searchweb201603_52 I’m not sure openhab has a binding for this.

Thanks you @rossko57 I found more interesting thing: What do say about it? It’s possible to integrate with openhab?

There is also a product made by shelly:

If you are looking for a power monitor type device. I recommend Shelly they have mqtt to include in openhab

But shelly deals with only 10A, I need more… If anybody knows good device for power monitoring, please recommend )