How to migrate from Openhab 2.5 to Openhab 3

Hello there, I am using an openhab 2 instance, and would like to get going with openhab 3.
However I did not find any documentation in the official docs regarding this.
Is it still the same as with the snapshots?
Also, what are some best practices for doing so, especially regarding backups. I have an SD card which I did a backup to, but will it be easy to go back to this, if the update fails?
Additionally, Is there some way to import the data from openhab 2 into openhab 3, if I need to do a manual reeinstall.

Should probably add I am on an RPI with openhabian. I am using only 2.5 items and binding, but textual rules and persistence config.

Thanks for any advice!! :nerd_face: :house:

have a look at APT, YUM and DNF migration from OH2 to OH3 (Stable) a subset of your questions should be answered ?

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If you scroll down in the release notes you wil see a ‘how to update to OH 3.0’ running Openhabian.

Here a link to the release notes

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That was what I was looking for.
Upgrade is running in this moment :smiley:

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may someone can link me to the correct page of the “braking changes” which I always get response 404:

Breaking Changes that require manual interaction after the upgrade

Unfortunately, Github removed some of the content. See this post.


The link is still broken…
But it works for the new 3.1 release here