How to migrate from OpenHAB on Synology to OpenHABianPi?

My plan was to create a backup on the original Synology system and to restore it on the Raspberry PI. Unfortunately, this brought OpenHAB on the raspberry to a state where it won’t even show the web UI.

  • Is this expected to work in the way I have described? Is it a bug if it doesn’t? Or is backup not intended for this purpose and there is a different process I should follow?
  • Is there a guide anywhere for doing a migration from one platform to another?
  • Is there anything in the backup zip file that is likely to cause trouble in this case and that I should delete before restoring from a different system?
  • Is there a way to factory reset the system without fully re-imaging the SD card?
  • Any tips from somebody who has done something similar successfully?



How did you create the back up?

Did you use…

openhab-cli backup

Which creates a .zip file, containing all your text files and JSON files?

Then use

openhab-cli restore

On the new system

Which can then be restored to a new system.

I’ve done this once for a client and it worked quite well.
(Considering the backup was very out of date, so probably more of an issue with the age of the backup, rather than the restore process)


Failed system was a strange Linux mini computer, than dead the worst kind of death.
To an ODroid C2

On the source system, I have used the backup script directly. Is this different from running it via the cli?

Yes. Since then, the web interface doesn’t come up any longer on the target system.

In the log (attached), I have seen some messages such as “/volume1/@appstore/openHAB/addons does not exist, please create it.”

Which seems to indicate that the configuration uses absolute file names that are not consistent across platforms, which seems unfortunate. Creating symbolic links for the missing directories pointing to the new locations did not help.

Hence my question…

openhab.log (71.8 KB)

I would have to look at the backup script, but if paths are hard coded in the zip file you could manually fix.

It would take a little bit of work but not too bad.

Well one problem is that the mapping doesn’t seem canonical / obvious to me. To do a search&replace I’d need to know what to replace with what… Is there some kind of “rosetta” stone for the directory mappings available somewhere?

p.s. this doesn’t make me very optimistic that the backup works at all: How to update OH on Synology

In my opinion, the snyology setup shoud be clearly advertised as experimental / unmaintained: It’s easy to end up in a frustrated position where an update is forced by external factors (device replacement) and jumping ship seems to be likely at the same level of effort…

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I couldn’t agree more Stefan. I just did an “upgrade” from 2.4 to 2.5 and lost all my config.

While I am an experienced IT and Linux user, OpenHAB has really just become more trouble than it’s worth to me.