How to migrate from z-wave development to z-wave snapshot version?

At the moment I think I use the development version of z-wave binding because in the past I had some devices which were not in the database. This is fixed now and I want to go back to the stable or snapshot version.

first question:
How to find out if I use developer or snaphot version (sorry, my configuration management does not work well :wink:

just ot be sure:
developer version can be downloaded from
snapshot version can be downloaded from

And how to migrate? Just changing jar-file or do some more? Because as I know the Node-XML-files are named different.



Development: OH2 Z-Wave refactoring and testing... and SECURITY

To change between versions: delete all things, delete all xml’s, add all things again.

Installation development version: uninstall current binding through PaperUI, drop dev into your addons folder, restart openHAB (you may need to install the serial driver manually)

Installation of snapshot: use snapshot runtime of openHAB, delete any zwave bindings in your addons folder, install zwave snapshot through PaperUI.

To find out your current version: log into karaf and do a bundle:list