How to migrate openhabian from Raspberry Pi 1 to 3B+?


I have a running OpenHabian on my Raspberry Pi 1 and I’ve just realized that I can’t just move the SD card to 3B+ and expect it to work. I read about replacing start.elf to the latest one from raspbian, but it didn’t seem to help.
Is there a way to move the existing installation without having to start from scratch?


What OpenHAB version are you running? Especially pay attention to number 10 here.

Use openhab-cli to backup your config, install the 3B+ from scratch and reimport.

Not if they are on OH 1.x though, correct?

Correct, but OP uses openHABian so it’s 2.X.


Thanks for suggestions. Actually, I did more research after posting. I did Rasbian upgrade from Jessie to Stretch following online suggestions how to do it. It went fairly smooth and now I have openhabian with Stretch running on my RPi 3B+ :slight_smile:
Yes, it took ca. 12 hours to update on RPi 1… But setting it all up took me way longer…


That is not the current Raspbian though. Buster is the currently supported version.

For openHABian, strictly speaking it isn’t (yet). Although we’re pretty close to a release to support it.

Remember to enable options 6A and 44.

Since Java 8 runs there, isn’t that the main part?

Uhm, you mean in rasbian-config? I don’t see option 6A…

openhabian-config under 60

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You mustn’t use raspi-config, it can conflict with openhabian-config.


Yes, I meant openhabian-config, my bad!