How to modify temperature sensor figures

Hi all,

New to OpenHab (was a Domoticz user). I have some cheap temp sensors that report incorrect temperatures. Previously in Domoticz I would base line next to my NetAtmo and then app a correction to the sensor (which Domoticz supports).

How would I do this in OH2.

@rlkoshak’s design pattern is a perfect solution for what you need:

Thanks for that. I’ll have a look at what this offers.

yes, one of two ways:

(1) a cron every 30 minutes (say) which reads the sensors and then writes corrected values to proxy Items. The proxy items are then displayed in sitemap, graphed by persistence services, and used in other rules

(2) a rule that runs whenever a sensor changes, and immediately updates the proxy items (I don’t do that because it seems inefficient to have rules firing all the time when thermostats don’t need second-by-second accuracy).


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Thanks dan12345