How to protect server from outside?

Helo there!
I would like to ask, how to protect the acces to your server.

When you open the port from your router, you get access from outside to your openhab server, but there is any way to get a login page before get in the setup openhab page?

I have seen that you can set a paswwor in the file, but this is nor working.

Any other solution?
Thank you.

As sihui already pointed you to the docs - please do read it carefully!
openHAB is not intended to be used with an open port - unless you’re a security expert and know exactly what you’re doing.
The benefit of openHAB simply comes from the fact, that it is your INTRAnet of Things - your smarthome shouldn’t be open to the Internet at all costs. of course there are a few Options in the doc-page, to make it accessible via you phone, if you’re not at home - but never expose anything in your private network at home to the Internet - unless it’s safe and you know it!

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OK, understood, so I will not open the network outside.

So I will take that in mind. I am going to focus on the programming some switches with schedules ON/OFF.

thank you.

so, yes: don’t open ports for openHAB
but also yes: you could use e.g. myhopenhab as a means to have access to your openHAB from outside.

It’s a bit more complicated - but safe and many here in the forum use that.

EDIT: I have read about myopenhab but still having this doubt. :slight_smile:

using myhopenhab, actually, I would be using the openhab servers or mine one? or it is like a bridge between my device outside and my server within home?

My intention was to create a server to avoid third parts servers… like WeLink Netatmo …and others


I have registered in, and after:

  • install addon cloud in paperui.
  • entering UUID and secret
  • confirm account
  • reboot
  • check Status of the system (eveything ONLINE)

My account is still offline Âż?.. pff Do I miss something?

Solved updating the Java.

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