How to read IPMI sensors?

I know HA is another thing, I mentioned it because it was my only other (and short) experience.

I understand your point. In fact, I could dump the data directly to influxdb directly, but then I would not be able to cross the temperature data of UPS and server to control the smart switch powering an extra fan. Also, both APC UPS and IPMI provide air temperature, which saves the money of an extra smart sensor.

See my point? IPMI on its own is a server thing, but it provides useful features also at home, if your server supports it.

The majority of OH users are running on commodity home computers. The majority of those are running on RPis. This kind of stuff just isn’t something that comes up in home automation. If there was a strong demand for it, I’m sure someone would have written a binding to support it. If you have a strong need for it, perhaps you could write such a binding.

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