How to read Wifi weather stations

Hi all,
I’ve an weather station (Alecto WS-5500) which currently send it data to Wunderground, etc.

But time-outs in the API call made me realize the sending data to e remote server, and the fetching it isn’t ideal if you want to use the sensors to control your smarthome.

I’ve looked at the CumulusMX project, but although close I didn’t manage to get my PWS data locally.

Then I stumbled upon this way to send the data of many weather stations to a local server and process it.

This is developed for Domoticz, but not maintained anymore.
I wonder how I’ll would be able to import the HTTP Get data into Openhab as the author did for Domoticz.

Is there anybody who has done something similar and is willing to help?

I use weewx and it has an MQTT addon so you can get data from the weather station into openhab.

The MQTT output looks like this:
jedwood/raw/weather/loop {“dateTime”: “1615600016.0”, “inHumidity”: “70.0”, “inTemp_C”: “25.900000000000002”, “outHumidity”: “63.0”, “outTemp_C”: “27.1”, “pressure_mbar”: “934.6”, “windSpeed_kph”: “6.120000004896”, “windGust_kph”: “9.720000007776”, “windDir”: “315.0”, “rain_cm”: “0.0”, “status”: “0.0”, “ptr”: “7796.0”, “delay”: “2.0”, “rxCheckPercent”: “100.0”, “outTempBatteryStatus”: “0.0”, “rainTotal”: “10.530000000000001”, “barometer_mbar”: “1010.4948846853139”, “altimeter_mbar”: “1014.5065493362679”, “windchill_C”: “27.1”, “heatindex_C”: “28.440770656684588”, “dewpoint_C”: “19.4363571705818”, “inDewpoint_C”: “19.99788931535146”, “rainRate_cm_per_hour”: “0.0”, “maxSolarRad_Wpm2”: “920.8887942442839”, “cloudbase_meter”: “1620.349011446658”, “humidex_C”: “34.210724196007426”, “appTemp_C”: “29.342377721742736”, “hourRain_cm”: “0.0”, “rain24_cm”: “0.21000000000000085”, “dayRain_cm”: “0.0”, “usUnits”: “16.0”}
jedwood/raw/weather/dateTime 1615600016.0
jedwood/raw/weather/inHumidity 70.0
jedwood/raw/weather/inTemp_C 25.900000000000002
jedwood/raw/weather/outHumidity 63.0
jedwood/raw/weather/outTemp_C 27.1
jedwood/raw/weather/pressure_mbar 934.6
jedwood/raw/weather/windSpeed_kph 6.120000004896
jedwood/raw/weather/windGust_kph 9.720000007776
jedwood/raw/weather/windDir 315.0
jedwood/raw/weather/rain_cm 0.0
jedwood/raw/weather/status 0.0
jedwood/raw/weather/ptr 7796.0
jedwood/raw/weather/delay 2.0
jedwood/raw/weather/rxCheckPercent 100.0
jedwood/raw/weather/outTempBatteryStatus 0.0
jedwood/raw/weather/rainTotal 10.530000000000001
jedwood/raw/weather/barometer_mbar 1010.4948846853139
jedwood/raw/weather/altimeter_mbar 1014.5065493362679
jedwood/raw/weather/windchill_C 27.1
jedwood/raw/weather/heatindex_C 28.440770656684588
jedwood/raw/weather/dewpoint_C 19.4363571705818
jedwood/raw/weather/inDewpoint_C 19.99788931535146
jedwood/raw/weather/rainRate_cm_per_hour 0.0
jedwood/raw/weather/maxSolarRad_Wpm2 920.8887942442839
jedwood/raw/weather/cloudbase_meter 1620.349011446658
jedwood/raw/weather/humidex_C 34.210724196007426
jedwood/raw/weather/appTemp_C 29.342377721742736
jedwood/raw/weather/hourRain_cm 0.0
jedwood/raw/weather/rain24_cm 0.21000000000000085
jedwood/raw/weather/dayRain_cm 0.0
jedwood/raw/weather/usUnits 16.0

PS I am using a different weather station to you.

Good luck. There is a weewx google group forum if you need extra help.

See this new binding just getting reviewed at the moment, the post has a jar that you can try out. There is also another binding that is unmerged that works if you have a ipObserver unit. So there are two ways to keep it fully local and get realtime data.

[wundergroundupdatereceiver] Initial contribution by danieldemus · Pull Request #10105 · openhab/openhab-addons (

Thanks Skinah,
I’ll try the new binding for my Alecto (Fine-offset, Ecowitt) unit as soon as i get it running.
I don’t have MQTT at the moment so the weeWX option from Greg doesn’t fit my situation at the moment.