How to remove OpenHAB 2.4 from Synology NAS

I installed OpenHAB2 on a Synology DS817+ NAS by following the instructions on the OpenHAB site and using this .spk file:


The “Open” button on the Package Manager page in the NAS merely shows a dialog titled “OH Manager” with no other text or options and the “OK” button does nothing. The dialog can only be closed using the close icon (“X”) in the upper right-hand corner of the dialog. I cannot see any means of uninstalling the package.

I now wish to reverse the installation process and complete a clean uninstall of the package on the NAS. What is the correct procedure to accomplish this?

You have to open the package center, then go to installed packages, look for openHAB 2.4, open it and choose “Uninstall”.

Manage packages

Thanks for the repsonse

The confusion arose because In this case I needed to click on the package icon, not the “Open” button displayed on the icon for the package (which in fact did nothing useful and gave no option for uninstalling the package).