How to rename a binding?


the innogy SmartHome binding should get renamed, because the company changed. It is now named Livisi SmartHome.

Has anyone a suggestion how to do that? I see these options:
1.) Just rename everything, it may not be backward compatible
2.) Just change the “label”, but let everything untouched. That would probably backward compatible, but would not be a clean solution (the packages, ids, etc. would be still have the outdated name). I wouldn’t prefer that.
3.) Copy the binding with a new name and mark the old one as deprecated, so it is backward compatible but the users need to migrate sometime. That would have the advantage that it is a clean solution and makes it possible to change a bit more. Is it possible to mark the old binding as deprecated?

Thank you very much and best regards. :slight_smile:

Are you the binding maintainer asking for feedback from users? Or are you just suggesting that this should happen?

If the latter, you need to report an issue on GitHub so that a developer sees it. It may already be an open issue.

I’m the binding developer and asking other developers or the OpenHAB admins/owners. :wink: I will open and solve the issue by myself.


Haha. Sorry, I couldn’t tell from your post, and there have been a lot of “you should ask/report this on GitHub” type threads lately.

What needs to change? Is it just the brand name and all the things and channels still stay the same?

I could be wrong but you can change the Displayed name of the binding in a file called OH-INF/binding/binding.xml and you could call it Innogy / Livisi SmartHome Binding or something that you feel is correct. Even if this was a temporary change it would prevent the need to do a full review by two people to get the newer binding remerged.


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