How to reset a timer?


I need an idea how to reach my goal. I have a rule which is setting up a timer with 10 minutes when a window has been opened and the outdoor temperature ist lower then 5 degrees. When the end is reached without closing the window, I would like to check when the timer ends, if the window is closed or not. If not I would like to reset the timer so that it runs ten minutes again. But not sure about how to do that…

Maybe somebody could give me a hint…


What you are looking for is “rescheduling” a timer

What are you ultimately trying to accomplish with your rule? I’m just wondering if you need a ten-minute timer that constantly resets itself, or if there’s another approach that might be more direct.

We often see people wanting to use looping timers, but in many cases you can trigger on something else (e.g. temperature changes) that doesn’t rely on a timer at all.

I’m not sure what you are trying to accomplish but maybe the expire parameter can help?
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I think I have a similar setup as initially described.

Goal is to receive reminders to close a window constantly as long as a window is open.
The timer is obviously triggered by window changes from closed to open, will send a notification after X minutes and reschedule again.
Only if the window is closed the timer is cancelled.

Don’t see a reason for using the expire binding, as you would need one additional item, still need a rule to push notification and have less options to customize (e.g. Dynamic timer duration not possible with expire, working with groups sand multiple group members)

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