How to send notifications to one device?

How to send notifications to one device if i have 3?

Go to and add additional users with different email accounts … then edit your notification
rules to only get notifications for the specific email adress.


The downside with your approach is, that the additional user may not connect to the panels.


I experienced the same problem. Plus: push notifications on the openhab cloud seem to be fire and forget. If your device is offline, the notification is lost. Therefore I am using XMPP actions for notifications. They may either be single-cast (i.e. to a specific account), or multi-cast (i.e. a group of accounts). The notifications are also cached. You may also want to look into different actions. E.g. Email notifications would do the trico.

Correct. But did not read that as a requirement :smiley:
I’m a happy pushover user and never tried the myopenhab cloud notifications :sunglasses:

at, you able to send Msg to individual device, I also see it have,Type,ID,Registered and Last location, except last location seems still unavailable yet (iOS and Android app didn’t ask me for location approval).

As each device have unique ID, it should allow us to apply on rules that we not only can broadcast to every device that we register, we are also able to send to individual (not specific cloud instance user) but I don’t find such info in openhab Doc, does this already implement but not public yet or there is no such feature and no plans on it?