How to send result of item "Group:Number:MAX" (ie.MAX value) to knx bus

Dear all

I try to send the result of Group:Number:MAX CO2 to the knx bus. What I wrote in the item file:

Group:Number:MAX CO2 {knx=β€œ4/4/1”}

where CO2 is the group item for single number items, e.g.
Number UG_Fitness_CO2 (CO2) {knx="<4/1/2"}

and 4/4/1 is the GA where I would like to send the MAX value to the knx bus.

Obviously this does not work. Could somebody help me on that issue?

Any help would be highly appreciated!

Best Rolf

I don’t suppose the KNX binding writes out values unless the Item receives a Command, which your group does not.

Have you tried an indirect path, having a rule listen for group state changes and sending commands to an Item that links to your KNX target?

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I believe that you could do the following (guidelines):

Create a new item that is bound to this GA (4/4/1)
Use a rule to send a command to this item using the Group’s CO2 state (max value of the other items)

edit: @rossko57 was faster :slight_smile:

Dear all

Such a great community!!

It works

Thank you all!

Best Rolf

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