How to set blinds to an angle

I am struggling with my homematic rollershutter actors which operate “raffstores” (are these called "persian blinds?, I don’t know) While these actors accept commands to set a position (e.g. 50%, 25%), they cannot set the blinds to a specific angle. Has anyone tries something similar? Here’s what I came up with:

I created a rule that (after an update of state) sends an “UP” command to the blind and then after half a second or so stops the blind again. This is basically what you would do manually. That works fine so far and puts the blind to the desired angle. BUT: The rule itself sets the blind to a new state and therefor gets fired again, and again, and again, and I end up with a command sent to the blind every half second:

excerpt from my RULE:
if (Raffstore_Gast_OG_Level.state >= 40 && Raffstore_Gast_OG_Level.state <= 98) {
sendCommand(Raffstore_Gast_OG_Level, UP)
sendCommand(Raffstore_Gast_OG_Level, STOP)

Is there any possibility to see if the command comes from a switch or if the command is generated by a rule or by a “sendCommand”?? Any Idea?

Cheers, Thomas

Just to clarify: My blinds are driven by somfy motors that only have 2 input wires (up/down), and the hm(wired) devices only supply up/down commands.

One common approach would be to use a proxy Item to receive commands, and rule(s) to transform into device commands

hi rossko,

thanks for that. I tried the approach and seems quite feasible.
I still need to evaluate if the shutters are going up or down to the defined position, and depending on that turning the blinds a short period up or down to the desired angle, … (regret buying decent shutter motors right from the start :slight_smile: )