How to set broadcast address for openHAB on other subnet

Hello! I am having some trouble by installing my openHAB because of the network. I have two different subnets which are and My openHAB server is on the subnet and I have all the devices that I want to be autodetected on the other subnet, I have connection between those subnets, I am able to connect to the openHAB server with the browser of my TV but I cannot detect this TV because the broadcast address of the OH server is in the other subnet.

How can I set the broadcast address for the OH server on the Thank you so much!

I don’t know for sure but I thought that was what Settings → Network Settings → Primary Address was for. Select the subnet you want OH to use as the primary subnet and IIUC it will use that for broadcast and other similar network traffic.

Thanks, I was trying to change the IP there but the OH don’t let me make changes:

I also try to make the changes on the runtime.cfg file placed on “\conf\services” but it does not make any changes. I will appreciate if you help me to solve that. Thank you!

Which binding are you using for discovery? There might be bindings that don’t respect this setting in their discovery code.

What do you specifically by it won’t let you make changes? It won’t let you select a different option in the list? You get an error when you click “Save”? If an error, what’s the error?

If these settings exist in any file under $OH_CONF/services you won’t be able to change them here in the UI.

I am using the LG WebOS binding and The Samsung TV binding

I mean that I cannot place the values for my IP in this menu. When I changed the runtime file and I restarted the OH was not showing the subnet broadcast address that I placed in the network configuration and it did not scan my TVs which are in the other subnet (I have the OH server in one subnet and the TVs in the other). Thanks!

Both of these are UPnP based, so should work if the setting for the broadcast address is correct.
The values for your IP should be picked up in the UI list automatically to select from. If it is not there, there is something wrong in the network interfaces setup on your machine.

So the problem will probably be fixed if I add a network adapter to the server with the other subnet? Thank you