How to Set Chart Size in Sitemap

Hi all,
I have my openhab running on a raspberry Pi with a couple of ESP-8266 modules.
I want to display a temperature graph on my sitemap,the following is in my default.sitemap file …

Frame label=“Temperature Charts”

Chart item=esp_office_temp period=h


A very large graph is displayed in my browser that flashes (refreshes ?) every second or so.

Is there a way to resize this graph down and stop the flashing as the browser jumps to the top of sitemap every time the graph flashes.

Thanks for any input.

There is a refresh tag you can use to control how frequently the chart refreshes.

If I remember correctly there might be a config parameter in openHAB.cfg to set the chart size. Search for options that start with “chart:”. If not I’m afraid there isn’t any way to control the size using the Chart element on the sitemap.

However, if you call the chart servlet directly or call rrd4j directly to generate the charts you can pass a height and width. But I’m not certain that the browser won’t stretch it out to make it big anyway.

Hi Rich,
Thanks for the reply,charts dont seem to display correctly in the browser,even after setting chart size in openhab.config.
I should have thought to look there !
Will use Xively for charts.