How to set configuration parameters for Homematic window rotary handle sensor

Hi all,

I am in the progress of setting up OH2 with my Homematic, and I’m currently stuck at configuring the rotary handle sensor. In the Paper UI I can see that I have to set the values for the 3 positions up, down and sideways, but as I define everything within the .things file, I can’t change it there. In what way do I have to put this into the .things file?


Hi Matthias,

I have the same problem, the doors sensors are working, but I cant get the rotary senors to work:
This is my item line:
Number fenster_bad_state “Bad Fenster [%d]” (gVerschluss) {channel=“homematic:HM-Sec-RHS:47c0e2e0:LEQ0283165:1#STATE”}
Have you already solved this?

best regards

Hey there,
the Item of the rotary sensor is an String, not a Number.
My Item looks like this:
String Tuergriff_State "Türgriff Zustand" <contact> {channel="homematic:HG-HM-Sec-RHS:b70fxxxa:LEQ0629xxx:1#STATE"}


It has only one channel for reporting its state, in rules you can compare the items state to “OPEN”, “CLOSE” or “TILTED”. This works for me.

Hi Fabian,
thank you for your comment, unfortunately this does not work for me.
What is strange, that it shows the correct state in paper-ui -> Control.
But when I add the rotary handle as String to the items there comes “undefined” in the basic ui, and in Paper UI I can’t see any items anymore, there comes error 500. When I comment the rotary in the sitemap everything is OK again.

Hi Wolfgang,
I got it working as Fabian described, the item has to be from type “String”, which gives you “OPEN”, “TILTED” and “CLOSED” as a result (you can then use a mapping to show the texts you want). In your sitemap, which type do you use there? Make sure to use “Text”, I think I had problems before because I tried it with “Switch” first.

Thanks for that! I had a similar problem described here:

Got it working again with your description. I still wonder why it’s different from OH1, but as long as it works again, I’m happy :slight_smile:

Hello, I wanted to ask for help. I have the same issue with my Hoppe rotary handle.
I have defined it as item

String WZ_Fenster_03 “Fenstergriff 03” {channel=“homematic:HM-Sec-RHS:8d6a8d1d:CUX3300001:1#STATE”}

and in PaperUI the state is shown correctly (offen/gekippt/verriegelt).
I have defined a rule then. By that rule I want all blinds to go down when the astro-binding has triggered the event Night. Additional condition is that the blinds shall only be closed if the rotary handles state is CLOSED (protection against beeing locked out). But it doesn’t work, i.e. the blinds do not go down, even if the rotary handle state is CLOSED. Can someone help me please to find the bug in here? Here’s the rule:

rule “EG_Alle_Rollos_Nacht_Runter”
Channel ‘astro:sun:local:night#event’ triggered START
if (WZ_Fenster_03.state==CLOSED) {

Thanks for your help.

ON is a state, “ON” is a string. So

if (WZ_Fenster_03.state==“CLOSED”) should work