How to set HUE scenes from rules

I have an Openhab 3 setup with Hue lights integrated. The scenes I have defined in the Hue bridge are showing up in the GUI and can be selected.

However, what I want to achieve is to select particular scenes from rules. When I select a scene I can see from the log that the command send to the scene item is kind of cryptic value tI58t57iuYYmCUm

How can I achieve to set a scene defined in the Hue bridge via rule?

I don‘t use Hue, but I try to help you anyway.
Reading the documentation says:

Scene String channel

This channel activates the scene with the given ID String. The ID String of each scene is assigned by the Hue bridge.

And this:

To load a hue scene inside a rule for example, the ID of the scene will be required. You can list all the scene IDs with the following console commands: hue <bridgeUID> scenes and hue <groupThingUID> scenes

So you need a String item linked to your Scene channel.
Create a rule and as command you send the scene ID (see command above how to get the ID) to your string item.
Now your Hue Bridge should activate the scene.

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Thanks. Yes, that works. However, I was more looking toward a way using the textual description of the scene.

What do you mean exactly with textual description of the scene?

On the GUI, I am able to select the scene by its name, like “Tropendämmerung” or however they are named. Obviously, the name of the scene is just a label which cannot be directly used but need to be mapped to the ID.

Yes, but you can easily map this to a scene name.
Just add to the scene string item via the Gui the meta data state description and map your state to a name at the options field.

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Ok. If I add this to the meta data state description. How could I then access that mapping from a rule?

I don‘t think you can use the state description for a rule. The state description is afaik for visualization, not for use in rules.
But why is there a problem to use the ID in the rule?

Well, it is not a real problem. But it just feels like a hack. First I need to figure out what the ID and in the code I have an ID which cannot not directly related to the scene name. For example, if I have tI58t57iuYYmCUm in the rule without a comment it is not clear what the related scene is.

But never mind, it at least works. Thx for helping.

Ok, just checked it… it is working.
If you create a rule via the GUI and select the string item you will see a state suggestion at the lower end.
If you click this suggestion the correct value (which you mapped at the state description) will be used as the command.

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Ok. Thanks. I’ll give it a try. :+1:

follow this thread where i get reamed out at the end. but, he gives the working command that lists all the scenes

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