How to set item to only show state? no control

Hello Guys.

I have some underfloor heating valves, which i wanna show status on in the UI - but not allow the user to change state on theese… That’s only the logics that can do this…

My question is then, should i define them as a switch or something else like a “contact” so i have the ability to show it as “Closed” or “Open”? - or maybe a cool icon… i guess i then have to make it as a switch - but how to “disable” the function to press it?

Simply use the text widget in the sitemap:

Switch mySwitch "My switch is [%s]"


Text item=mySwitch

would result in a line like this:

My switch is . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . OFF

In my currently sitemap i only list a complete group, so i don’t have the item listed anywhere - other than it is included in group?

Unfortunately listing everything on your sitemap as a Group precludes you from doing any sort of customizations. You will have to list each Item in that group individually. Once you do so you can put them on your sitemap as a Text element.


Is there a listing of all the special characters / formatting / regex (e.g [%s] --> yields state). I’m trying to pull the onToday property


Number LampPostOnToday  	{wemo="Lightswitch-1_0-221608K1300757;onToday"}

Text item=LampPostOnToday

I tried different variations of adding
label="Seconds On Today [%.0f]"

But nothing works :frowning:

see for details (especially the link to Java formatter class syntax) If onToday is integer, try [%d]

Are there any values in events.log in question of LampPostOnToday?

I used this example:

Number Insight_onToday       "On Today [%.0f]"       {wemo="Insight-1-0-87654321;onToday"}

Near the bottom of this page -

Thanks for the link, I should have looked up the Java formatter class and figured my question’s answer would be there.

How does one find out the data type of the property that we’re trying to access?

events.log only has this wrt to LampPostOnToday:

2016-08-06 00:21:58 - LampPostOnToday state updated to ON


Number LampPostOnToday  		"Seconds On Today [%d] "						{wemo="Lightswitch-1_0-221608K1300757;onToday"}


Text item=LampPostOnToday

What is shown:


Any help regarding this? Still can’t get the .onToday property to display on my sitemap :frowning: