How to set Number from Google Home


how I Can set these numbers from Google Home @ OpenHAB?

Usually I add tags [ “Lighting” ], [ “Switchable” ] or [ “CurrentTemperature” ], but what kind of tag i should add to set Number type from Google Home?

Number PhilipsCeilingBright "Brightness [%.0f]" <dimmablelight> { channel="miio:generic:be858737:brightness" }
Number PhilipsCeilingCCT "Light temperature [%.0f]" <dimmablelight> { channel="miio:generic:be858737:cct" }

You can’t… Yet

Works with “Lighting” Tag and “Dimmer” item, but now I have one lamp as two lamps in my Google Home

“First one” I can dim in Google Home, second one I can switch.

Can Group this two items into one item in Google Home?

Dimmer  PhilipsCeilingBright "Jasność [%.0f]" <dimmablelight>  ["Lighting"] { channel="miio:generic:be858737:brightness" }
Switch PhilipsCeilingVirtualToggle "Philips" [ "Lighting" ] 

Now if I add Color Temperature sterring then I will get 3 items in google home for one lamp!

I think, but I am not sure, that you can dispense with the Switch Item and still say “hey google turn Jasność off” or on…
Try it…