How to set properties of HMIP-eTRV-B

Hi all,

starting with OpenHAB2, I tried to connect the Homematic thermostat radiators (HMIP-eTRV-B) via PaperUI, which works great (thanks to debmatic).

Now i struggle with the configuration of the things, especially with the configuration parameters.
As the thermostats provide three different programs with 13 timepoints per day with two configurations (end-time and temperature) there are 546 options to set (per thermostat…) not to mention the other parameters, where i don’t know the meaning (like “Dst End Day Of Week” or “Enabling Routing”…) and the fact that the options are placed in a random order instead of grouped by day and program or so. It is technically possible to set the values manually, but that’s not satisfying. As there’s no one complaining about that circumstance I guess there is another option.

So the question is: Is there a better option to configure the thermostats?

I’d prefer a text file which can be copied for every thermostat and where you can group the parameters in a better way.

The second part of this question is, if there is any kind of documentation what all the properties are about. The manual of the thermostat does not provide any useful overview, so do my google searches.

Thank you!

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Hi Markus,

I got a simmilar question to configure the TEMPERATURE_OFFSET of my thermostat by a rule.
But actually no solution.

Are you looking for this?

This document describes all channels and datapoints of almost every Homematic device. (eTRVs are at page 7500ish)