How to set rollershutter open/close time in OH3?

How can I set rollershutter open/close time in OH3? In the UI is only one radiobutton with the option “Keep in permanent motion”. I would like to set the open/close time in seconds like in OH2 to use current level functionality. What am i doing wrong?


There never has been any such “time” option in OH2, you always had to press the X to stop.
I am not aware of anything that has changed in OH3.
OH lets you drive any (calibrated) shutter to a percentage through rules ever since.
OH main UI probably allows for hacking that in JS without diving into rules, too.

What type of rollershutter / binding do you use?
In my case, for enocean, I can set the shut time within the things channel configuration.

I use zwave devices. I think it is not an OH2 option directly. It is a configuration parameter of a zwave device. The description also says: “Time in seconds to go from opened to closed state.”. In OH2 there was a textfield for this option, where I could type in the time in seconds.