How to set SONOFF SNZB-04?

Hi guys,
I cannot configure my sensor correctly

Semantic Class?
Semantic property?

Thing Type?

What profile to use?

I do not get a change of state


It looks like the Channel is a switch (?) while your item is a Number. That will not work.
You will need to have your item also being a Switch.

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I think you are right but I cannot create it automatically. “Error during thing creation: Conflict”

So I try to create it manually via the SONOFF BINDING

But what to choose?

Instinctively I chose “Magnetic Switch”


You could just change your existing number item to be a switch.
No need to create a new item for it.

Edit: take into account, i am not talking about semantic class/property, i am talking about the item type.

I made the changes, but the state does not change when I separate the magnet
However, he changes state in Ewelink.

I do not understand…

Thank for your help Noël Chris

It shows at least OFF, that’s a good sign as it means some state is send to the item, otherwise you would see NULL as before.
It should show OFF/ON depending on contact (as it is a switch item).

What does the log show when you open/close the contact?

it’s strange, i just turned my sensor off and I have nothing in the event log.
I will continue to search. No other idea?
Thank you

I tried to remove the sensor from the Ewelink application, reinstall it, scan via the SONOFF BINDING and I still have this message


as if the item already exists…

However, I purged the cache and restart the Openhab service on my server.

Thank for you help

Did you remove the old Thing?
Remember that when you do scan for new “things” and then create them, this is different from “items”.
“Things” connect to the binding and give you the different channels, while items then connect to those channels.
If you use the auto discovery though and your contact sensor is discovered, it should create the “thing” with corresponding channels already (and dependent if the binding is correct, they should be correct as well).

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