How to set the name used for a Binding in the items file?


A while ago I wrote a Nest binding that doesn’t require polling but there was one based on polling already written. So I kept my binding in my fork. To try and make it easier to maintain and not clash with the polling based binding I want to rename it to “NestFireBase”. I think I’ve achieved this but the only thing is it still requires an item to have the binding setup as { nest="…"}

Does anyone know what I need to do to change that?


You can change this in your GenericBindingProvider.
public String getBindingType() {
return “nest”;
To whatever you like.

Could you just keep it the same and make it just another way to integrate to Nest?

I was considering updating my changes to use the same configuration as your binding and then have the non polling version activated if someone set polling to -1 but that sounded like it would be very confusing for debugging and I haven’t had time to do a merge anyway. The problem I have is keeping my fork up to date for the other binding I’ve written as well. So at least if it has a different name they don’t clash.