How to setup MAX best without MAX! Cube?

I’m trying to setup openHAB with MAX devices, but I don’t want to use the Cube for several reasons. I got the busware CC1101 usb stick, setup openHAB using openHABian (which is cool), and now I am stuck how to get things done.

First, I’ve installed the CUL_V3 firmware on the stick. I hope that was correct, as I wasn’t able to find an explanation of the several firmwares and their different purposes.

I added the MAX! CUL binding in openHAB and set the port to serial:/dev/tty/ACM0, but I don’t get a connection, so I guessed something was still missing.

Searching the net, I found some hints that the MAX! CUL binding may not work with openHAB 2. Other sources stated that Homegear is the way to go. So I installed Homegear (using openhabian-config), and setup homematicbidcos.conf as explained here, but I don’t understand how to test the connection, or if that is the right way at all.

To make a long story short, I would appreciate it if someone could point me to some up-to-date description how to get this to work. I’ve found an excellent Tutorial how to setup openHAB with the MAX Cube, and I would love to find a similar one how to to this without the Cube.

Any help strongly appreciated! :slight_smile:

In the meantime, I’ve installed Homegear, because I believed to understand from the docs that it’s possible to configure the CUL in Homegear and then connect to Homegear from OpenHAB. I’m not sure, if that is true, but I expect that Homegear would act like a MAX!Cube for OpenHAB. Am I wrong?

However, I managed to configure the CUL in Homegear, and also successfully paired a device. But I don’t seem to be able to connect Homegear with OpenHAB. I selected the MAX! binding (v2) and hoped it would discover a thing or two, but it didn’t. Do I need to configure the binding manually? And if so, how? In the configuration parameters, serial number is required. Where do I get it from?

Okay, the secret is not to use the MAX! Binding, but the Homematic Binding for Homegear. See also here.