How to Setup OpenHab Developing Environment on Windows 10

I am new to the openHab system. And I just want to know how to setup the Developing environment on windows 10 and eclipse. And what OSGi Framework does Openhab use (Eclipse equinox/Apache Felix or what??). And do i need to learn how to use Apache Karaf??

What exactly do you want to do? Use Openhab and create rules or develop a new binding? In both cases it should not be necessary to get deeper knowledge of Karaf.

@J-N-K I am trying to build my own rule engine on top of openhab

That’s quite a lot of effort. What is missing in the existing rule engines? Wouldn’t it be better to improve those? Otherwise you need to follow the instructions for setting up a OpenHAB core IDE.

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This is the Whole Concept i am trying to do the post is written by me How to start developing on top of openHab + Developing My Own Rule Engine if you would kindly see it. And secondly, where can I get the instructions on setting up OpenHab Core IDE??

Basically you can follow the instructions here and don‘t clone openhab2-addons but openhab-core.

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@J-N-K i did and i followed the steps and i cloned openhab-demo and openhab-core and build them with maven. imported them to eclipse and now i am stuck i dont know how would i run the core and see the openhab interface or is there something missing yet?

The demo repo is not using karaf.
Did you click “run OSGi” in the bndrun file interface?

@David_Graeff I ran the app.bndrun and run OSGi button but is gave me failed to parse javaserverlet error and i want to know how when running the demo it gets related to the openhab-core??

Hi @MHGanainy
try the new version of the (temporary) guide for setting up the Eclipse IDE here:
it works for me on Windows10.


Thank you for your response but i think this is for developing the addons but in fact i want to develop on the openhab-core