How to setup user login with openHAB2?

Previously, to allow user login one set security:option=ON and provided user/pwd in users.cfg. I have been unable to find how to do this in openHAB2. Can someone point me in the right direction please?

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This feature isn’t yet implemented and it doesn’t seem to be trivial, see this discussion.

Thanks for that Kai, that is a bit of a killer for me. I am setting up a new system, which will be a fairly long term project, and was planning to use openHAB2 from the start so as to avoid migrating it over half way through, but need to be able to access it remotely with some form of authorisation. Is there any alternative method of authorisation?

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Well, there are two very common options for remote access with authentication:

  1. Use my.openHAB
  2. Setup a separate reverse proxy (Apache or NGINX)

OK, thanks.

is there a howto setup an apache webserver for openhab user access? I configured my apache a reverseproxy and it woked very well on my browser, but the app on my iPhone is not able to connect. To find out where the problem is is not so easy. Currently i have no idea why the app is not able to connect.


Have you solved this issue with Apple openHAB Application?

Yes… work correctly!
Tested now!