How to show log of the door sensor?

I have a xiaomi door sensor. It logs status to influxdb every hour and every time it changed with persistence service. What it the best way to show log statuses in the grid in the UI? I wanted something like that:

10-00 Opened
12-00 Closed

Is it possible to do using standard ui component?

You have two choices. Generate a chart using Grafana or some other external charting software or create items and rules to keep track of the last n opens and closes.

Thanks! I’m trying to do it with grafana table, do you any examples?

Just use a simple ChartItem show the data? Usually door contacts log 1 for “open” and 0 for “closed”. gtk is a group of door contacts.

Chart item=gtk period=D refresh=6000 service="influxdb"

No, It’s contact item and has CLOSED/OPEN status.
I tried your solution but I see this: Screenshot%20from%202019-05-21%2022-49-04

Are you sure your persistence is working?

These are my door contacts, also contact items.

The persistence service translates open/closed to 1 and 0.

I rechecked and it works, there was a problem with period: I tried 1 week and I saw chart