How to start?

Hi there

I’m new to openHAB. I installed lastest version on my Raspberry Pi.
So far so good.
Demo is working on my IPhone and PC Webbrowser.
I’m trying now to find some documentation how to create my home.
I downloaded also the Designer on my PC, here also I try to find some documents but it it’s not that easy or I’m not really smart.

Thanks in avance for any help.

Best regards Ossy

If you are new to openHAB, I would recommend you to start with openHAB 1 - there are plenty of documents and wiki pages on how to get started. Once you are up to speed, you can have a go with openHAB 2, which isn’t that much different after all. Once openHAB 2 is officially released, we will hopefully also have enough end user documentation to get started with it.

Hi Kay

Thanks for you fast reply.
Ok I’ll try it your way. I stared with version 2 because , I hoped not to learn Version 1 and then Version 2.

Best regards

Almost everything you learn on OH 1 will still apply with OH 2 so that shouldn’t be a problem.

My best advice for starting is to come up with a modest goal (e.g. turn on and off one light from your phone), get that to work and then gradually build up from there, learning as you go. I’ve found that those who try to be too ambitious when first starting out run into trouble and it is hard to help them because they don’t have enough background knowledge built up through experience to easily help.

Cheap and easy bindings to get to know and work with are those that don’t require any extra hardware, like the HTTP binding, Weather binding, Astro binding, Exec binding, and any of the built in actions.

Bookmark and read the wiki. It will be your first stop when trying to figure out how to do something.