How to steer steer roller shutter FSB12 12V VDC

I want to steer my roller shutter by openhab. My Raspberry Pi is right next to the the electrical cabinet. So I want to install a connection by cable, but do not know how.

My relay for the 11 roller schutter are Eltako FSB12 12V VDC each

Currently I steer the roller shutter manually by switches in each room.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

There are several relay extensions for the Raspberry Pi.

can you propose any and how does it work? How do I have to set up the connection between the Raspberry and the FSB12 12V VDC?

Well, the relay extension is a bunch of relays, driven by trnsistors, controlled by GPIOs from a Raspberry. The relays will be installed like the switches.