How To: Submit a Feature Request

I’m switching over to openHAB from SmartThings, and am loving the flexibility of the platform. And as I use it more I’m starting to think of use cases that are unfulfilled.

For example, one feature I’d like is an app for the Garmin smartwatches. But I’m not sure how to submit a feature request. I’m not sure if that should be done here or on GitHub. And if I should submit it on GitHub, where exactly it should be submitted. Searching the forum didn’t turn up much, and the only documentation I could find is very vague.

I suppose I really have two questions:

  1. Where would one submit a feature request for an app for a new device?
  2. Where on the forum should I be looking for this information if a search doesn’t work? (If I can find some more information, I plan on adding these details to the documentation.)
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There is a closed API for Garmin that is only open to “some developers.” Unless and until the API is completely opened or someone figures out to gain access to that API, no such add-on will be possible.

It’s always a good idea to search the forum for the technology, device, or API first to see if it has been brought up before. If something has changed, or you didn’t find anything, start a discussion here. Often the initial request will be refined or additional information added. Then you can create a feature request on the openhab2-addons repo. Though for the most part, the way new bindings get developed is someone has the desire, the skills (or willingness to learn), and the time to build the binding themselves. They also usually need to physically posess the hardware in question.

For many technologies or APIs, existing add-ons can often be used without the need for a new binding. For example, the iCloud Binding started out as a set of Rules. Similarly, support for Roku can be had through a script and some Rules.

Fantastic! We need more help with the docs.

I might have misspoke. I want an app/widget that runs on the Garmin that will control OpenHAB. I would think this would use their SDK not the API.

Thanks for the info on how the feature process works!

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That’s really a nice idea, some other IoT widgets are already available in Garmin Connect IQ so having OpenHAB widget for Garmin smartwatches will be beneficial for their owners.

I was also searching for this, but it seems no one is taking a look at it…