How to sync two items?

I’ve twos items that I want to keep in sync.

First item is a switch item linked to a mqtt channel on my NSPanel thermostat control display. The OH switch turns visual switch on the display off and pressing the switch on the display refects in the OH item.

Second item is another switch item linked to a channel that controls by backend heating.

What’s the best way to link these so in sync. So if I press the UI on NSPanel to turn it’s linked item on, it will turn the real heading item on too. and in revsere if the backend turned the heating contol item off, it will turn the item off that’s linked to the NSPanel display.

Both work in their own right. I just need both items locked together.

The follow Profile might work. Essentially you’d link the two Channels to the same Item with the follow profile. Commands on the Item get send to both Channels. But I don’t know if this works both ways or it only works from one Channel to the other but not the other way around.

If that doesn’t work, you’ll need a rule.