How to teach in Enocean light actuators in the UI

Hello everybody

I came back to openHAB after a long break. I was already quite successful including all my Z-Wave and Somfy devices in no time with openHAB 3. Now my home got re-wired with Enocean actuators for all the lights. I am struggling to teach them in to be able to use them. These are mainly Eltako FS62NPN actuators
I have the USB300 Stick and it is correctly recognized as Enocean Bridge and shows “online”. The Enocean binding is also installed. It I use the USB stick in a Somfy gateway, it will show as ready to connect, so I can pretty much rule out a defective USB300.

Now, here is my question: How do I teach in the actuators? The docs page for the binding strangely omits that topic (or takes for granted, that you know that).
I found that if I add a new Enocean device in “things”, I can run a scan. But this yields nothing, even if the actuators are in learning mode during the scan. I also tried to manually create a thing with type EnoceanBinding → Switching/Dimming Actuator and entered the Enocean ID that my actuator has (see attached image). It shows “online” after a while, but nothing happens when I switch the control.

Am I doing this correctly? Or am I on the completely wrong path? I’d be happy to do this through the UI, if possible.
Or is it even not possible to teach in the actuators but I need to teach in the wall switches instead, which fire the command to the actuators when pressed?

Thank you very much for any input you might have.


Hi Jochen,
I think you understand the teach in / learn in process not correctly.
If you put your actuator into learning mode it doesn‘t send a telegram, it waits for a teach in telegram from your switch/openhab.
If your thing is online with the correct enocean ID you can see the actual state of it, but you can not control it with openhab unless your actuator knows your openhab Enocean ID (+Sender ID).

You can try it this way:
-Add a new thing (like you you did it with your actuators Enocean ID)
-Or scan for new devices and push the physical switch connected to your actuator. Then it should appear as discovered. Add as thing.
-Go to the channels section of your thing. Check „show advanced“ box and link a switch item to the Teach In channel.
-Set your actuator into learning mode and trigger the teach in switch in openhab.

Now your actuator knows openhab. You should be able to control it via openhab and also see the state changes when using your physical rocker switch.

Best regards dirk

Oh, I see. Thought the teach-in mode will make the device known AND receive telegrams.

Thank you for the help. The rocker switches are easy to recognize in openHAB. Once in scanning mode, they are reliably detected as a thing. I did then follow the procedure to create a switch item of the A and B channels (there is no teach-in channel), just Channel A, Channel B and Switch Action. I created a switch item out of Channel A and use the profile “Raw Rocker To On Off”, for the lack of a better option.
I guess this was wrong, as teach-in does not work when I set the actuator to teach-in and then operate the switch item in openHAB.
Any more ideas? Below a few screenshots.

This is the selection of profiles in the Channel A or B of the rocker

And this is how the switch item looks like when finished. But does not work for teach-in

I am just reading the doc of the binding again. Here it says:

If the actuator supports UTE teach-in, the corresponding thing can be created and paired automatically. First you have to start the discovery scan for a gateway. Then press the teach-in button of the actuator. If the EEP of the actuator is known, the binding sends an UTE teach-in response with a new SenderId and creates a new thing with its channels.

To me, that sounds like the binding (aka via the USB300 stick) should send the telegram to the acuator in teach-in mode. Does not work, however. Although my actuators support UTE teach-in

Try to create a switching/dimming actuator like you did at your first picture.
Then go to the channels section of this actuator.
Look for the teach in channel and link a (new and unused) switch item to it.
Set your physical actuator into learning mode and trigger the switch in openhab.

Hey, thank you very much. That works now. Great! :grinning:

So, here is the full procedure, in case somebody else needs it:

  • Create an new thing from the enocean binding by scanning.
  • Push a rocker switch, previously connected to the device. This will give the enocean ID of the device
  • Create an switching/dimming actuator thing from the enocean binding manually.
  • enter the enoceanID found with steps 1 and 2
  • Make sure to select a bridge (i.e. USB300 or similar- previously configured)
  • Once the new thing shows as “online”, go to channels
  • select advanced and then "teach-in
  • add link to item, chose new item, chose “default” profile
  • go back one step and click on the liked item to see the virtual switch button
  • put the enocean actuator into learning mode (different for each manufacturer and device)
  • push the virutal switch button (teach-in item)
  • the device should now be known to openhab
  • go back to the channels of the Switching/Dimming Actuator just created with the enocean ID
  • link an item to the “switch” channel
  • Good to go. The new item now can be used to switch the actuator
  • for sake of cleanness: unlink and remove the “teach-in” switch item linked to the teach-in channel. Also, the rocker switch item from step 2 is normally not needed

Nice to hear that it is now working for you and I was able to give you working solution :ok_hand:t4: