How to test a MQTT state via a rule


I would like to test the state of a MQTT device from a rule.

Currently I use a sendCommand to set the state of a device, for instance:

What could be the correspondent action to get or read the state, and then test it? For instance to verify if the previous command was a effective.

The item definition is:
Switch MOTE_40_ACT “40. Mote_40 - Prise” { mqtt=">[mymosquitto:Home/RF/sb/040/0/047:command:ON:default],>[mymosquitto:Home/RF/sb/040/0/047:command:OFF:default],<[mymosquitto:Home/RF/nb/040/0/047:state:default]" }

Thanks in advance,

I look the the answer is something like:
if (MOTE_40_ACT.status==ON)
if (MOTE_40_ACT.status==OFF)